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The Only Product Clinically Proven to Profoundly Reduce Chemotherapy Nail Damage

How To Use Polybalm®: You only need to massage a small amount of Polybalm® into the skin around your fingernails and toenails 2-3 times a day to be effective. An extra application would be wise if your nails get wet or exposed to any chemicals.

Each tube comes with a handy applicator. Each pack has two tubes, one for your toenails and one for your fingernails, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, particularly fungal spores.

For the best results: You should use Polybalm® as your chemotherapy starts and for four weeks after your chemotherapy ends. If your chemotherapy has already begun, start using Polybalm immediately to reduce the chances of nail damage or even start repairing your nail.

How much Polybalm® will I need? The amount of Polybalm® required depends on how many cycles of chemotherapy you will have. Most people need between 3 and 5 packs.

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Polybalm® is the only product clinically proven to profoundly reduce chemotherapy nail damage. As many of the nail conditions associated with cancer patients are like those for non-cancer patients, it is reasonable to expect that Polybalm® will also be highly effective for everyone’s nails.

Regular application of Polybalm® helps ensure the volume of its natural, protective, nourishing and infection-fighting compounds remains high. It also ensures nails and nail beds are moisturised. Consequently, the chances of nail damage are significantly reduced, and already healthy nails will be stronger and more attractive.

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16 reviews for Polybalm®

  1. Jonathan Slobom

    Chemo damage to nails.

  2. Jonathan Slobom

    Have started using this a week before treatment starts. As others have mentioned, it is hard to get out of the tube but I can see it coating the nails. I’ve marked one tube for toes and one for fingers so I don’t get them mixed up. Will review again mid treatment. Pricey but hopefully worth it to attempt to salvage my nails.

    Update: this definitely helped with my fingernails on my hands – I didn’t lose any nor had any lifting of my nails. Even the chemo unit commented on how good my nails looked. Unfortunately, my toe nails were another matter – I lost at least three on each foot – but I think that was because I was (luckily) fairly active and walked to my treatments and blood tests at the hospital. Don’t think the Polybalm would have saved them even if I had been very diligent!

  3. Jonathan Slobom

    Great nail balm and feels nice on application. Can be tricky to get out of bottles, but if bottles warmed first then easier to use.

  4. Jonathan Slobom

    I’m using this while undergoing chemotherapy. I’m not sure if it has stopped damage but so far my nails are fine while using this. It does smell lovely and useful that it comes with two in one package. It would be helpful if one tube had a different coloured label to easily tell the difference between one used for hands and one for feet.
    It is quite expensive!

  5. Jonathan Slobom

    At the time of writing I have only had one round of chemotherapy but I started using Polybalm a week before and everyday since and I have had no discolouration of the nails. My nails are actually in much better condition than before. They are much stronger. I’d highly recommend Polybalm.

  6. Jonathan Slobom

    I have been on long term chemo for years and my nails were had become very thin and weak, sometimes even splitting vertically and bled. This product was recommended by one of chemotherapy nurses. After a couple of months my nails are now in fantastic condition, really strong and healthy. This product is also sold through Penny Brohn centre which was set up to provide as a charity support for people diagnosed with cancer to provide care and treatment for dealing with all the side effects of cancer treatment. I would highly recommend persevering if it didn’t work for you. I use it three times a day and keep in my pocket so my body heat warms it to help with applying it. I wear gel nail varnish and it sill works. I hope this review helps.

  7. Jonathan Slobom

    The product is rather oily as expected but easy to use. I feel its quite expensive for the size and as its necessary to use frequently won’t last that long.

  8. Jonathan Slobom

    I have used this product before during chemo and had few problems with my nails

  9. Jonathan Slobom

    Bought this to use during chemotherapy to prevent my nails becoming too brittle and fragile. After daily use for 2 months I can say it works – my nails feel hard and the the expected chemo-lines are less than what I expected. I can highly recommend this nail balm and have also told about it to my cancer treatment unit.

  10. Jonathan Slobom

    I was told about this product just when I had finished my chemotherapy treatment, but it still has made a difference after I’ve finished. My nails are getting back to normal.

  11. Jonathan Slobom

    Fantastic product. It has helped keep my nails healthy and strong during my chemotherapy.

  12. Jonathan Slobom

    Although it’s expensive you need only a little and it seems to work.
    So far, so good! Time will tell!

  13. Jonathan Slobom

    Works on finger and tow nails affected by chemotherapy. Start using at start of treatment and follow instructions ( e.g. frequency). Worth the cost!

  14. Jonathan Slobom

    Bought Polybalm and started using it before chemo started and continued using it after. My nails were never great to begin with but actually improved using this product and I had no discolouration, thickening or nail loss which is common with Docetaxol. Although it seems expensive for the amount get, you only use a tiny amount and it lasted several months. I warmed the tube up to get the last bits out. Who knows if using Polybalm was why I didn’t have any nail problems during chemo but the price was worth it to me.

  15. Jonathan Slobom

    After chemo my nails snapped off, used this last year and it really helped. Have just purchased some more as my nails are breaking again. I have to stand the container in very hot water so I can get the contents out, otherwise it is difficult.

  16. Jonathan Slobom

    Given to me by chemo unit before treatment. I’m now on my 3rd tube and have just purchased one for a friend who is about to start chemo. My nails did suffer during treatment but I feel they would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t used this product.

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